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NOTE: Free Beats can be used for personal/non-profit projects. All beats are tagged. Credits must be given to tunnA Beatz (Prod. by tunnA Beatz)

Q & A

Q: When do i recive files?

A: You recive all files to your PAYPAL E-Mail right after purchse!

Q: Can i montieze your beats as background music on my videos?

A: All beats are copyrighted, only owner of exclusive rights can monetize and distribute song!

Q: Can i upload my song on your free beats on Youtube?

A: Yes of course!


Awesome Collab by Zarcort & Kronno Zomber reachd over 33 Million views!! Instrumental produced by tunnA Beatz

ZARCORT: https://www.youtube.com/user/ZarcortGame

KRONNO: https://www.youtube.com/user/kronnomc

Latest News

Tales Of Halloween (Movie)

Music by tunnA Beatz is featured in new Horror movie "Tales Of Halloween"  by Epic Pictures Group.



Bmike - Faith, Fate, Hope (Mixtape)

Australian MC Bmike drop his first mixtape "Faith, Fate, Hope". Mixtape includes 18 tracks. guests on album are Chevy Levett, Kundzai, Xeus and Maribelle. 7 tracks on mixtape are produced by tunnA Beatz such as Karma, Dear Dad 2, Alpha Q and more.. Mixtape is available as free download, so make sure you check it out!!!


The Realest Vol.3 (Coming Soon)

New mixtape compilation "The Realest"  Produced by tunnA Beatz coming soon as free download. Featuring Rappin` 4 Tay, Kung Fu Vampire, Twisted Insane, Gift Of Gab (Blackalicious), Mac Mall, Dan Bull, Bmike, Maribelle, T.O.N.E-z, Mr. Grey and many more...

Re-Animated (By Kung Fu Vampire)

Re-Animated is Official Remix album by Kung Fu Vampire, which includes 17 songs completely "Re-Animated". 13 tracks of album are produced by tunnA Beatz. Such as Grinder, Turnt Up feat. Hopsin, Dead Girls Dont Say No, No Place Like Home feat. Putlock, Evil People feat. Liquid Assasin, Love Bites, Feels Like Im Dyin` feat. Twisted Insane and many more..

CLICK HERE to Download Album.

The Realest Vol.2 (Mixtape Compilation)

The Realest Vol.2 mixtape was released in the end of 2013. "The Realest Vol.2" is compilation of best songs recorded on our beats in 2013, which includes artists such as Hopsin, Kung Fu Vampire, K-Rino, Necro, Mr. Hyde, Dan Bull, Cryptic Wisdom and many more.

CLICK HERE to Download Mixtape for FREE.